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We have an international fencing coaching team, with a high level of teaching experience in epee fencing. For further information, please email us. The Club Manager (and owner) is Jean-Christophe Guibert.

Head Coach

Jean-Christophe Guibert
Foil Epee

Jean-Christophe has been a Club Manager and Head Coach at Central London Fencing Club since 2009, and has held the same position at Westminster Fencing Club since 2013.

Jean-Christophe trained at the French School, Ecole Nationale des Maîtres d'Armes, and is a Fencing Master in Foil, Epee and Sabre.

With 20+ years of coaching experience in France and the UK. Jean-Christophe has worked with numerous international fencers, and also children, actors, wheelchair fencers and veterans. 

Jean-Christophe spent most of his professional life as a fencing coach in France, especially at Cercle d’Escrime de Laval, before moving to London. 

Regular Coaches

Gábor Hadalin
Foil Epee

Gábor is Hungarian and started to fence aged 8, and achieved good results in epee from a young age. Gábor stopped competing in 1986, and became a young assistant coach.

After graduating from Semmelweis University, Institute of Coaching and Sport Education, he became a full-time coach.

Gábor arrived in the UK in 2008, and has since trained a many young fencers who have acheived good results in national and international competitons. Gábor runs Salle Hadalin in Hertfordshire, and has worked at Central London Fencing Club since 2009.

Gábor is an epee specialist and has worked at Westminster Fencing Club since 2013.

Guest Coaches

Priscille Lapoutge
Foil Epee

Priscille is a Maître d’Armes, who trained at the Ecole Nationale des Maître d'Armes in Dinard, France and she is a Fencing Master in Foil, Epee and Sabre.

Priscille is a certified professional and business coach, graduating from the Paris 8 University, France.  She is a Level 4 British Fencing Association Coach in Foil, Epee and Sabre, and also an England Fencing Coach Educator.  Priscille is also a fencing Coach at Imperial College, London.  Priscille also runs her own epee fencing club in north London.


We do not have a club armourer, but we can highly recomment the skills of an independent armourer. Please contact Steve directly about any private repairs.


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