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Frequently Asked Questions

We fence FOIL and EPEE at Westminster Fencing Club.


The guests fee is £10 per session, payable in cash on the door. These are designed for experienced fencers who are visitors to the club.  The student guest fee is £5 per session, payable in cash on the door (bring relevant ID). 



All guests must bring their own fencing kit.


Fees are payable to the club on a monthly basis by standing order (due between 1st and 5th of the month).


£55 per calendar month – Regular club membership, with some individuall lessons included.


You will need:



  • Under jacket (800 Newton minimum)
  • Electric body wire (foil or epee)
  • Electric weapon (foil or epee)
  • Lame (silver jacket - foil only. Not relevant for epee)
  • Breeches (350 Newton minimum) - the long white trousers
  • Glove
  • Mask
  • Jacket (350 Newton minimum)
  • Long white fencing socks
  • Breast plate (for women especially)

You may also wish to buy some fencing shoes (although normal trainers are fine), and perhaps a fencing bag to carry your stuff!


Well-known fencing suppliers include:

Leon Paul -

Allstar-Uhlmann -

Duellist -


We do not have a club armourer, but we can highly recomment the skills of an independent armourer, as follows:


Email -

Mobile - 07799 898 920


We are closed:


- on UK bank holidays

-  over the Christmas/New Year holidays.

If in doubt, please email the Club Manager -

Otherwise, we're open all year round!


Visit the British Fencing website for competition listings.

There are also a number of Novice & Intermediate level competitions held in London throughout the year. 

We also run friendly competitions from time to time. Details are posted on our website in the 'Club News' section.


Yes, you can download a FREE app from the British Red Cross here


You can view a selection here